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Woodland Themed Baby Shower

I hosted one of my good friend's baby showers and we did a Woodland Theme, using a lot of red and black checkered plaid and themed food.

Let's explore, the menu! I can't BEARLY wait to show you.

Dessert Table:

  • Dirt cups: chocolate pudding, chocolate golden grahams crumbled, gummi worms on top!

  • Smore's cupcakes: chocolate cake mix, marshmallow fluff frosting, graham cracker and Hershey chocolate garnish on top!

  • Acorns: Donut holes with frosting and sprinkles rolled on top. Pretzel on top as a garnish.

  • Birch logs: pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate

"the Watering Hole" Drink Station:

  • the Pond Punch is Hawaiian punch

  • the Forest Berries are toppings for the Mimosas

Dinner Buffet:

  • Tree links: turkey, cheese, and mayo on tortilla Roll Ups

  • Snacks: "Bears, Twigs, Goldfish", Golden Grahams, Pretzel sticks, Goldfish crackers.

  • Sleeping bags: "pigs in a blanket", mini hot dogs wrapped in croissant dough.

  • Wood Chips and Foliage: Pita chips with spinach dip

  • Rabbit Food: veggies :)

  • Bear poop: BBQ Meatballs in the crockpot

Lastly, here are some fun frames from the Dollar Store that I painted the glass with Chalk board paint, and I bought some chalk pens.

  • "lil one, You'll Move Mountains"

  • "the Watering Hole"

  • "We can Bearly Wait"

  • "So Plaid you came!"

  • "We love you to the mountains and back"

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