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Throwing a Sprinkle-themed Baby Sprinkle!

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

The name says it all: Instead of a bigger party where first-time parents are showered with big gifts, a baby sprinkle is a more casual, where the guests of honor are "sprinkled" with smaller party and less impactful gifts.

I had so much fun coordinating this little Sprinkle-themed Baby Sprinkle at work.

Pictured is the dessert table where I grabbed all different types of sprinkled sweets to fit the theme!

Amazon Plates/Napkins:

Amazon confetti table decor:

The serving trays and display

stands have been gathered over the years.

Some from Target "Dollar" section, others from Dollar Tree.

MY FAVORITE, and such a steal - is the this 3-piece dessert stand from Amazon:

Here are close up photos of all the sprinkled desserts that were displayed at the Baby Sprinkle!

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