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my totally RAD 30th 90’s birthday party!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Oh snap!! 🥂

For my 30th birthday, I wanted the big 3-0 theme with a birth of the 90's celebration.

We had some really fun concepts/throwback ideas incorporated. Shouting out some of those elements:

  • Lisa Frank

  • "All That" TV Show

  • Pac Man

  • Slinkies

  • Rubik's cubes

  • Throwback version of MTV

  • Cassettes, Boomboxes, Microphones

  • "Surge" soda mixed cocktail

Here is my Lisa Frank inspired make up and outfit!

Linking my cute 90's looking windbreaker jacket that you can use any time, and not just to fit the theme!

The Food spread was themed from top to bottom!

We made paper chains to hang up through the chandeliers, and we also hot glued silver paint buckets to string and hung those up as well. We grabbed green and blue plastic table clothes to give off the illusion of "SLIME" to come out of the buckets.

Food elements included:

  • Dino nuggets

  • Krystal mini burgers

  • Homemade Dunkaroo dip

  • Hot Pockets and Pizza rolls

The Dessert table was a hit!

My best friend made the Birthday cake herself with a candy explosion theme. Candy was grabbed from Party City.

We also, had little Debbie snacks like Zebra cakes, Twinkies, Swiss rolls, and Cosmic brownies.

The custom cookies were made by an Orlando-based business.

Photo Backdrop with chain balloons from Amazon, and handmade box decor!

The Bar set-up was fun and festive with lots of multi-bright colors, and some 90's paper decor.

We made a "Surge" soda cocktail - called the Surg-ria.

  • 2 bottles Sauvignon Blanc or other dry white wine

  • ¼ cup Cointreau or triple sec liqueur

  • 1 16-oz. can Surge

Lastly, here are the adorable custom cookies that were made by 2 Smart Cookies, an Orlando based locally-owned business.

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