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DIY Beer Tasting Party (Under $150)

Here is how to an enjoy a Beer Tasting Birthday party in a cost effective and fun way.

First is first, I had to determine which 4 Beers to go with for the tasting. I decided on:

  1. an IPA - I used Lagunitas Beet

  2. A Red ale - I used Dragons milk

  3. A stout - i used Guinness

  4. A lager - we used Miller lite

I covered the labels with different covered duct tape. One lesson, it would have been easier to do cans! But there was more variety of beers in the glass bottles.

I also printed little sheets of paper for each guest to fill out during the tasting:

I found a PERFECT (on theme) pull apart cupcake from Publix, shaped in a giant Beer Mug for $50. You could choose between vanilla, chocolate, or both.

I organized all of the tasting cups with a little fill-in tasting sheet inside next to different types of beers. We went one by one all tasting each beer, until we had tasted all 4.

It was fun and inexpensive! Which, to me, is a birthday success!

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