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Baby-Q Shower

Barbecue themed Baby Shower was the perfect Summer set-up to chill and grill!

We had a grill going to make your own burgers and hot dogs.

The dessert table was the real star of the show!

Welcome Baby BBQ banner, $13, Amazon:

4 pack of picnic checkered tablecloths, $12, Amazon:

Dessert set up included:

• custom BBQ cupcakes constructed at-home!

  1. I ordered red velvet cupcakes from a grocery store.

  2. Then grabbed Haribo gummi colas

  3. SpongeBob Krabby patty gummies that I found at Target and put together with a toothpick

  4. And last, I cut up paper straws I bought from Amazon. Linked, $7 for 100 pack:

• custom cookies from a local Orlando business

We also had some mason jars at home that we wrapped with checkered ribbon and grabbed faux sunflowers & baby breaths to put in them, both from Hobby Lobby.

Party favors:

The Guest gifts were a little pack of s'mores compiled together with a plastic gift bag from a Target.

We are adding S'MORE love to our family, enjoy!!

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