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At-Home Hibachi Party

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Let's Hibachi is bringing the FIRE to your house!

Now in Orlando! Here’s the recap:

Be prepared for the full Hibachi experience but with your own private chef & entertainment.

All orders include fried rice, fresh veggies, side of salad, sauces, choice of two proteins. The cost: $50.00 per person. Book through their website @letshibachi ❤️

I also know I’m SOY extra when it comes to themed parties. 🥠

This Asian-Inspired Grazing Board with all the BENTO small bites was a huge hit! 🥟

I ordered:

🥢 egg rolls

🥢 spring rolls

🥢 crab rangoon

🥢 edamame

🥢 fried dumplings

🥢 steamed dumplings

🥢 tempura green beans

The most epic cravings Asian platter!

My board can be purchased:

Here is the table set up for our at-home party:

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